Things I will Tell My Daughter: The Review

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In my second book review on Drunk By Biko Zulu, ( I had promised you guys that I would take a keen interest on African writers and true to my word, I went out and got a collection of these books and first on my list was Joan Thatiah’s Things I will tell my daughter.

It’s quite a straight forward book. The language is very user -friendly that would cater to any demographic. And for those who are afraid of big books, this is a book that is less than 200 pages that would be done in a day or two.

Side Note:

I realized that most Kenyan writers  prefer using the set book or textbook packaging format. This is wrong and truthfully speaking, undesirable. Speaking from a personal point of view, they gave me ‘kifo kisimani’ vibes. I’m sure speaking on behalf of a lot of people, this is something we would rather leave in the past.

Kindly let’s fix this!!!

Besides that, I found it very relatable reading it as a woman. It’s an honest conversation on what womanhood is supposed to mean to the individual experiencing it. What to expect from the world plus, it gets to be brutal with its truth and helps one face the world in a completely different way.

A lot that was not said by our parents or the women we looked up to are all addressed in this book. Issues to do with money, societal expectations on women, marriage, and relationships are all brought up in this book.


Reading it, I got a chance to sit back and reflect on what she wrote. It was profoundly wonderful because there was no bullshit in what she feeds her readers. She says it as it is.

As a woman who is looking to find herself amidst this chaotic world, I suggest you get this book. It’s quite and calm demeanor will be of great help and I’m sure it will play some role in your growth.

Looking for a good read, well I would recommend this book to both men and women.

It’s not a book only limited to women, but to men who believe in empowering the girl child by understanding where she’s been placed, and what can be done to support her growth.

Ratings: 5/10


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