🥂To New Beginnings

If you closely keep up with Marykenyablog 💜 like I keep up with the Kardashians, you may have come across one of my pieces Fallen Grace. Writing it, I felt broken and defeated but here I am, Collecting the pieces of the broken parts with hope… so much hope that I’m excited about this new chapter in my life.

But before that new chapter is opened, a few things need to be changed. Actually, scratch that, a looot needs to be changed. The old Mary needs to be left in a past that can’t be changed, to a present Mary who will continuously choose to live out her purpose as she pursues her personal legend; The Alchemist vibes.

Looking back…

I now realize how painful, uncomfortable and confusing experiences are used by life to help us think twice about how much certain habits are supposed to be completely done with. At times life forces us out of our comfort zones because greatness will never be found in these places.

Me time…

In my quiet moments, I have realized that I have been my own worst enemy. I, unlike a lot of you who have haters, I realized that I’ve been my greatest hater…I let a lot of my weaknesses, insecurities and fears stop me from being the best version of myself.

It’s a tough realization but an absolute necessary one…it feels like detoxing from really bad addictions, and getting rid of them from the system gets messy, painful, confusing plus a lot of crying is involved too. But I know that it will be worth it in the end. Currently using the 21 day challenge and it’s completely kicking my ass.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far something I have been holding really close to my heart. But before I go on, do you remember in my last piece where I said books literally saved my life, well Dale Carnegie did that with his very first chapters of his book. And it is there at my lowest moment he opened my eyes on the aspect of living in ‘Day Tight compartments.’

Living in the moment. Closing the door from yesterday and tomorrow and working on what I could within the 24 hours I’m given. I stopped robbing my present by Worrying about the past or dreading the future.

It is here that I learned that in order to honor my past and to have a better future, I needed to make the very best out of my PRESENT. This has helped me eliminate a lot of my anxiety.

Make a point of trying this👆🏾

As I write this particular piece, a lot is going on in my mind and the question I keep asking myself is ‘What is the goal with this article?? What do I want my readers to take away from this piece??’ And what keeps playing even in my subconscious, is ‘Strength and Hope.’ I want to make someone to actually feel that strength from these simple words Marykenyablog 💜 writes down. So even as you finish up on this article I hope and pray that as you go about your day, you will feel different. Different good to be specific. Give yourself time to heal if you are going through something but go through it from a point of strength.

PS: this is a follow-up from my last piece: Psyche Wellness if you haven’t already read it, find out how all these awesomeness began.👇🏾



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