Trevor Noah Born a Crime: The Review

Now, before I start this review, let me state that I’ve been a HUGE fan of Trevor from the moment I watched his first videos on YouTube. His comedy has been my form of therapy, a source of laughter and  an enlightening source of information; (I find myself well informed about American politics courtesy of The Daily with Trevor Noah.) He’s articulation on different issues still baffles me. I believe he’s an intelligent man and combining this aspect with comedy makes him a force to reckon with.

When this book came out I was a bit skeptical about it because I didn’t know what to expect. I love Trevor as a comedian but I wasn’t sure I’d love him as a writer and that’s probably why it took me this long before I got my copy.

...Ladies and gentlemen once I got it I couldn’t put it down.

This book takes you  through a story only South Africa could tell you. Apartheid; what do you know about it? The movie Sarafina would have given a glimpse of what it might have been but reading this book, you’ll understand why his very existence was a crime. (see what I did there…)

Trevor tells the story of South Africa through his very special relationship between him and his mother who sounds like a fictional character. Her strength is un-matched, her resilience one of a kind and her uniqueness is one that people create in their wildest dreams or fantasies. Their mother-son relationship is special. Why? Because they feel like real partners; it’s them against a world that doesn’t approve…A world that would tear them apart given a chance.

Trevor being a comedian and one of the very best that I have ever watched, his book carries on his humor (I read the entire book in his voice! Crazy I know). Reading it, I couldn’t help but burst out with laughter. People probably thought I was crazy and I was!!! Crazy about how good the book felt. He has a special skill where he expresses a very serious or sad issue on a lighter note without taking away the gravity of the issue. This is an art, a treasured one at that.

So I recommend that you get the book! It’s such a fun read filled with a lot of life lessons that are beautifully brought out through the apartheid experience and his larger than life humor. Plus it’s a New York Times Bestseller I think that’s incentive enough.

Rating: 8.5/10


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