Trusting the process 

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We have been labelled the microwave generation where we expect things to happen in an instant. We feel as if we know it all because we live in a world where our main source of information is the Media and as a result, we have entrusted it so much to an extent of accepting it as our modern day bible. It throws a lot of false information on how life is supposed to be. We therefore accept this way of life and when this projection fails in real life,  we feel lied to and betrayed to by reality. 

As a young person I know this all too well. We have neglected to listen to our parents/guardians and mentors and decided to take our on route which is just failing us. We are getting frustrated because we don’t seem to understand that everything has a process that must be respected and followed. We don’t want to struggle…we don’t want to sweat it out we just want to magic away out of all the situations.

Since this is my journey…I’ll use my own experience to show you what kind of  generation we are dealing with. So strap in and I hope my embarrassing proud simple moments in life will help and entertain you all at the same time.

I got employed at my current work place a month later after getting my degree. During this waiting period, I remember being stubborn hopeless and sad just because the place I was interning at, didn’t call me back(this is even painful for me to write hehehe)…I also had this resentment towards the organization and the people who I thought would fight for me. I felt that I earned it!!…I was quite a hard and smart worker…I still I’m and I counted on that fact to secure the job that I wanted.I remember locking myself in my room crying and waiting for that special call. Do you know that I even decided to lock myself in my room for days.?SMH..!! I blocked myself from the world because in my head I felt as if the world owed me but hunny the world as we know it does not owe us a damn thing!… and sadly my brain couldn’t handle that fact. But one day it finally happened and they called me back!! I was the happiest person on earth. My happy dance button was fully functional after that.

Going back I found myself in a completely different department from the  one I was before. I was given a Production Assistant’s position and at first, I remember being super pissed and confused  because one, I didn’t understand this position well and second,  I was a camera person before  and I loved what I was doing…but little did I know that this particular post would open new doors for me.

All in all I settled in and learnt the job on my own since this position was also new to the organisation. So after my superiors laid the ground work, I went ahead and set my own foundation learning as I went by my various duties and within no time,  I felt like an ‘expert’ I  would do my work with my eyes closed…but that was Mary then very stubborn but a sweet naive soul Lol.
Sometime later I got a chance to start training as a TV News director…it was a fun new uphill challenge that required me to shed away the skin I had and develop a thick new skin. This challenge felt different it had an adrenaline thrill that scared me because basically if you get a chance to direct any show…you are considered captain of your ship and your key responsibility is to make sure your  ship doesn’t sink!! Getting your crew all coordinated to make a live show work is crazy fun and scary!!

So back to the main issue now…Everything was going well until one of my superiors asked me to stop training…what??why?? how??…I  couldn’t decode the situation…and that my friends killed a little bit of soul in me…I couldn’t see how or why they would just tell me to stop…I thought I was getting better…I thought I was getting stronger… but I thought wrong… and in that instant I pulled back from everything and everyone…I felt something was wrong…

…but what I didn’t understand at that time is that yes I needed to grow…and for that to happen, I needed to go back to my original position and perfect my art…I had to understand that wasn’t yet my time…and making peace with that thought has been one of the most amazing experience ever…by taking a step back and getting out of myself I got to evaluate myself with no emotions  involved and more ways than one I got stronger as a person and work wise…my relationship with God got stronger  because I stopped thinking like a child and I opened my mind more. I got to understand that we all have different scripts to live out and I choose to live  according to His script not mine…

Starting off I didn’t understand that…I wanted to move as fast as I could through my career. I didn’t want to be patient and I didn’t want to perfect my art…I thought that the world was against me. I didn’t want to stop and listen but I came to realize that the world always has a funny and twisted way to teach us a lesson. It’s now up to us to learn from it and come out of it a little wiser.
So in many! many! many! words what I’m trying to say is…The young people today expect things to work according to how and when we want them to happen. We want to get out of college or university, get a job instantly that gives a six  figure salary and on top of that, become CEO just by a snap! but sweetheart that’s not how things work…you have to respect the process and this goes both ways whether you are starting your business or joining an organization.

We have to understand that there are important steps that one has to go through so as to  reach the ultimate goal…there’s a certain sweetness to the sweat, the tears, the heart breaks the countless rejections and all the set backs…we should know that once you skip a step, it will catch up with you in the future and that will be frustrating…let us then change the narrative we have put across to the world. Listen to your mentors respect them work and be patient with yourself; trust the process.



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  1. MaryKenya


    Amazing article such a blessing to many

  2. MaryKenya


    Such an amazing piece! It might take a day. It might take a year, but what’s meant to be will always find its way. Keep on walking gal…

  3. We are in a digital era where we want to process random short information from social media and other platforms. This fastness is what we want even in our careers and endeavours without necessarily taking time to build our prowess. We are short memoried and instant generation that knows no patience and perseverance….. Thanks for capturing what we are, very insightful piece.

  4. MaryKenya

    Clint Mfalme

    A guduwan!

  5. MaryKenya


    Trusting the process, an idea not many millennials (me included) have fully appreciated… We are constantly being bombarded by “the good life” on various mediums and want to diminish significantly that time it takes to live it… we all want to be refined gold without getting into the fire… sadly absurd…nonetheless, thank you for sharing your story.

  6. MaryKenya

    John Maluki

    Amazing piece. It might take time but if we do it right and trust the process then surely, we’ll succeed.

  7. MaryKenya


    Mary good job gal speak to them this generation….its just need someone like you to help link with reality.

  8. You are amazing Mary. Process has never disappointed. Be refined and like an arrow when you shoot, you will overtake many. There is free overtaking on your Kingly path.

  9. MaryKenya


    I totally relate to these article..angry at the world,thinking it owes you just because you worked hard…trusting and patience is key..Good article.good piece Mary keep it up!!!

  10. MaryKenya


    Wow…i just got time to go through, it truly captures our everyday struggles and aspirations.
    One must truly trust the process.

  11. Enough have been written, i can only concur with everyone.👣👣👣

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