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Beeeeep!!! Beeeeep!!!! The alarm wakes her at 4am in the freaking morning. Reluctantly, she sighs as she struggles to get out of bed. She dreads to put her feet on the cold floor because in some crazy twisted way,  it acts like a rude reality check to her less delightful routine. It’s really annoying to wake up at this time of the morning especially with no motivation. ‘Is it really worth it?’ She asks herself. Today is one of those days where she feels completely out of it and she wishes she could make it stop!

All Prepped for work and leaving the house, she puts on her earphones and with a hoodie, she tries to protect herself from the harsh morning cold. There’s this particular song she loves listening to for some sort of inspiration. I’m sure we all have that one song that makes it all better when we are having the lousiest day. The tune gives her some calming effect but deep down, Lavi has been feeling the pressure…pressure to be better. But there’s one question she keeps asking herself…how I’m I going to make it in a world that seems to have it’s priorities upside down?? Because let’s admit it…the world has gone a little crazy and we have too….

Society demands me to be a certain way and when I can’t, it judges me because I’m different. I’m not cool if I’m not into the hype and when I am, I don’t have my priorities right. So Mr. World, what do you really want from me??

She walks into work and relactantly says hey to the guy at the door and waits for the lift. She gets in and one of her supervisor’s is on it and at this point, she knows it’s going to be one awkward silent ride. She says hey with the utmost respect then quietly they wait to get to their destination.

What is he thinking?? She wonders… If she was brave enough, what would be his reaction if she asked for a raise?? Would she get fired or would he commend her for her courage?? Well  today was not the day she would play that card. So she get off on her floor and settles in for work.

What if she said, ‘F*** it! Quit her job try living a little and take time to travel?? What if she didn’t care about what was in her account and decided to live a life that is free…one that she didn’t need to care about the future? Live one day at a time and adapt a bohimian kind of lifestyle???

You see Lavi is like a lot of us. She pictured her life different. Different  because when she graduated, she had  different expectations for herself. She pictured herself doing extremely well in her career. She even had a whole look book about it and was determined to see it through. But three years down the line all she can do is survive. “Where did I go wrong?” I did everything I should right. She echoes to herself.

Young people today are faced with a lot of pressure…unnecessary pressure as I like to call it. Our society now, excepts a baby to be born today and start walking tommorow. Funny enough, this is the same society that calls us the microwave generation. A generation that is not patient enough to trust the process and go through the proper channels. Double standards much?? With these kinds of prognosis, it’s hard to find the balance.

My City Nairobi is the best kind of case study. Observe a lot of people who fall between the ages of 15 to 30 years. They mostly linger in the same wavelength in terms of their thought process. Influences from Media especially social media, gives a lot of guys pressure to be what they’re not and as a result, if one is not grounded and strong enough, one finds themselves doing the wrong things. Cases of having sugar daddies/mommies and theft comes as a result…no judgement intended

P.s: I don’t mean everyone in this particular age group succumbs to this but I can confidently say that it does affect most of us. What sets us apart is how we react to it.

But before facing society, there’s the element of self. There are certain goals and expectations we set for ourselves and when we fail to achieve them, we feel like failures. We carry this around and it ends up affecting our process of creativity. At times we find ourselves putting on too much pressure on self, that it hinders us from performing optimally. We run ourselves to the ground and end up achieving nothing. Right now the youth in society are the most affected by this and as a result most  fall into depression. 

“I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 25. I want a six figure salary when I’m done with school. I want to hit a million views in a week as a new artist. I want to be C.E.O just after an year working at an organization. Some of the ideas I’m sure most of us have had. We had the highest expectations after campus or some points of our lives but once we faced the real world, we are hit by the harsh realities of life.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean having expectations and hopes is a bad thing. If at all dream and hope as much as you want. Hell it’s what keeps me going. They give me a reason to wake up and do what I need to do. But it doesn’t mean if things aren’t working you shut down. If at all fight for what you believe in.

Kylie Jenner is on her way to being a billionaire at such a tender age. It’s so inspiring don’t you think so?? But at the same time don’t you think it is scary? At 24 turning 25 this year it gets me thinking…what will be my end game?? Will I achieve my life time goal(s) at 25, 30 or 60 years?? Yeah sure everyone has their path to walk on but are we doing what we should to get there??

So do you feel stuck?? Do something about it…it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture like instantly quiting your job…but if that works then go ahead and do it. If not start doing something different. Change your routine to accommodate  the things  you love and expand your horizons. Pick up a new hobby!

The key here is to know that we’re all in charge of our realities. And of course upon coming to this realization, it won’t instantly change things like waving a magic wand…no it’s something that will need discipline and determination to change. So decide to be unstuck today. Don’t let the world’s reality bend you to your knees but instead create your own reality.

In honor one of my favorites: Trusting the process

Trusting the process 


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  1. Wow, i feel like we know each other already, interesting mind blowing article mary, 👍👍🥀

  2. MaryKenya

    Kim Kemboi

    Trusting the process… absolutely great wisdom. Your writing has evolved for the better. Keep on inspiring, keep on trusting the process… see you at the top Mary.

  3. MaryKenya

    Peter mwathi

    Reality, big up for that good piece

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