Twisted Fate

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Seated at the tail end of the stair case, Amanda kept staring at the suitecases in front of her and she couldn’t help but hate how the site made her feel. She was completely torn and broken and she had no idea how to make it stop. She is someone who is used to control but this time round, everything was spiraling.

Coming down the stairs, James was carrying the last bit of his belongings and he almost hit Amanda as he hurriedly made his way past her while trying to grab his suitcases.

” I think this is it.” He said with a shiver in his voice. The situation also broke him but he chose to resort to a defensive mode so as to cover his true emotions. He never thought it would ever come to this. Amanda was the woman he had chosen to marry and spend the rest of his life with but two years down the line, everything just went dark!

Trying to get on her feet, she looked at him and said…

“James…are you sure you want to leave things as they are?? I mean, who started all these ?? We had always promised to always talk things out no matter what! But now you want to pack your stuff and leave?? All these is proof you really don’t care.”

The words rolling out of her mouth felt like glass piercing her tongue and heart as she continued…

“When you do wrong, you want to be forgiven and even get defensive when I don’t forgive you as soon as you want. But when I’m on the wrong, you’d rather walk away. I guess it’s easier when I’m wrong huh?!”

She said this as she tried to fight back her tears. James then stopped her as he tried to hold her hand to try and calm her down.

“Amanda stop this. We both know that this is going nowhere. I…l…l love you but it doesn’t feel the same anymore…it kills me but it’s true. Ever since I slipped and stuff happened between Sheila and I…I don’t know…things just changed but we agreed on working it out. But you never looked at me the same way.”

All these was too much and her legs just gave out. Everything he was saying hit really hard!! “Please stop it…if you’re intention is to hurt me more than I already I’m, then it’s ok. Just leave.”

“No Amanda you should listen to all that I have to say. Everything should be laid down now.” He said this as he followed suit and sat beside where she knelt.

“You blocked me off…I mean you couldn’t even sleep with me anymore…you moved out of our bedroom and started working more. I barely saw you. Every time I tried reaching out, you shut me down then I hear that you and Fred are sleeping together…hoooowwww?? I was so confused!!” His tone kept on rising with each statement

The situation was so tense that tears couldn’t stop running from  both of them. I think when Justin Timberlake wrote the ‘I cry me a river’ song, he pictured this exact situation.

“That was a low blow…was it all about revenge for you?? I thought you had forgiven me??”
He said this as he sort solace from her answer.

‌”I honestly can’t say why I did it.” She went on. I… I… thought I would feel much better after. Fred has always been a good guy plus I knew he liked me. So it was easy…I mean…how would you cheat on me and expect me to forgive you instantly? Did you consider my feelings the first time?”

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  1. MaryKenya


    Your stories never disappoint, job well done Mary…….

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