Unhappily ever after

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Love is blind, deaf and stupid! Sometimes* I’m sure a lot of us have been in situations that have left us thinking, ‘Where the F balls was my head?’ And yep Marykenya has been there too, so no judgement here.

In this particular piece,  I’ll focus on the  feminine side of the story because hey! It’s what I can relate to best! As a woman or lady anywhere, I’m sure we’ve been in situations  or rather relationships that were just outright wrong. I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s sort of a rite of passage; going through some bad before getting to the ‘good’.

But what happens when this becomes a habit? Getting from one wrong situation to another? Hold that thought.

It’s a little sad when you see a lot of  women especially young ladies in wrong relationships. This however, can be brought about by various reasons such as; Mullah! Dinero!! The money keeps one there and this my friends, is a HUGE factor. People have died for this reason.

It’s sad our generation only cares about the money and flashing it around. Nobody cares about the consequences until it gets fatal.

At times, you find Pam (representing said lady) is more comfortable in the wrong situation to a point where she knows she can do better but chooses to stay because she’s either afraid of being alone, or she’s scared of the unknown. But there’s this other reason that keeps Pam, the basic art of what they call dickmitization. Wonder why some women who are good, beautiful, loyal and hardworking stay with bum guys?? Well ladies and gentlemen, the sex is so good it erases the the bummnes so to speak. (Feel free to give more reasons).

Do you think women know when they’re involved in wrong situations? Yes!! They’re very aware. They have what many call a woman’s intuition or the sixth sense and this goes without saying, it surpasses any kind of education or social class. So why do a lot of us seem to ignore it??

Well, here’s what I think; women tend to nurture what they hold in their hands and hearts and that’s why you see a lot of them getting into wrong relationships with the hopes of the guy changing or turning a complete 360 because they love them(let’s just laugh at that). Women also tend to play nurse to a lot of men that seem broken and toxic only to realize that this just drains them.

PS: No man or people in general will change because you love them. People change because they want to.

Going back to my previous point, these bad situations are considered as bad phases which result from bad decisions. Let’s face some uncomfortable facts here: a lot of women today find themselves going through bad relationships back to back passing on from one toxic situation to another all in the name of love. It’s like running through a brick wall expecting it to crack open but one just ends up more hurt and damaged with every try.

So why does it happen?? Some claim it’s lack of self esteem while other women have somewhat a misleading mind set of how they think love is supposed to be, this ends up really horribly.

Recently, we’ve seen a very public relationship gone very wrong right before our eyes. I get that everyone has their opinion about what we’ve seen but I believe this a case of a bad situationship that anyone can go through…anyone! The difference is this gets to play out in public and others don’t. It’s just wrong if a bad situationship gets you a police case.

So my conclusion: Try to love right as impossible as it sounds and stay out of trouble. But most importantly learn the value of self love. Remember you can’t give what you don’t have.

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