What’s keeping you busy during the Rona Crisis? Marykenya Recommendations from Books, Movies to your Social Media feeds

Hey there… If you could, you’d see me waving with so much love. Right now that’s the best we can do. No more long lingering hugs to show affection, no more fists bump too to show how cool we or firm handshakes that tell we mean business. Welcome to the World of Rona; a new confusing series of events that has left a lot of us running around like headless chicken or just sited on our couch wondering what to do with our lives.


Well with that unexpected introduction let’s dive into what got me writing this article at 2:00 am. I couldn’t sleep, I think the unexpected nap I took during the afternoon that knocked the wind out of me is to blame but I decided not to stare at the ceiling. I jumped out of bed and got to creating.

So let me ask before I go on, What has been keeping you busy when you aren’t pretending to work? Books, TV series, Movies or do you just wake up and wait to see where the day takes you?

Working from home 101

First things first take a second and be grateful for your health, the roof over your head, family/ friends and that income that allows you to chill and avoid the risk of contracting this unforgiving disease. Be thankful for the simple moments; lunch with the family, video calls with your friends or family and the warmth you get when you are surrounded by love.

Have you done that? Good, I believe in starting everything with a grateful heart, makes everything better and worth it!! Trust me.

Remote in one hand, flipping through the channels and your phone on the other, what are the first things you are checking out?

Right now people prefer to check the latest updates on Corona. Do you know what this does? It gets you depressed and full of anxiety.  

Do you know what happens after that? The anxiety gets you thinking you have all the symptoms associated with the disease and from there your mind starts working overtime and runs endlessly like a hamster on the wheel. This usually just leads to you getting in a foul mood and the work from home implementation becomes another story because you are simply unable to be productive.


I’m not going to tell you not to watch out for updates. Do it just don’t overdo it. Don’t be on CNN or DW the entire time. If you’re from my homeland (Kenya) stay tuned to the updates that come from the Health Minister and watch the evening bulletins. You might choose to watch the two of them or choose to watch one like 9 pm News.

Media consumption recommended by Marykenya:

Use this time or your leisure time between work to catch up on the latest TV series and movies. 

Where’s the lie😂😂

Now with freedom comes great responsibility. Remember to learn how to manage your time. I’m no guru at this but without self-control, you might end up getting down a never-ending rabbit hole that you might not be unable to pull out of: I have been there and child, it was not pretty nonetheless here are some of the recommendations:

  1. The Blacklist
  2. Westworld
  3. Money Heist (The 4 seasons that always keep me on edge.)
  4. The crown
  5. The Americans (Just finished it and I loved it)
  6. Friends
  7. Dexter
  8. This is Us
  9. The Resident
  10. The Good Doctor.
  11. New Amsterdam
  12. You
  13. The Simpsons
  14. American Dad
  15. The Family
  16. Person of interest
  17. Scandal
  18. Stranger Things
  19. The WItcher
  20. Narcos
  21. Ozark
  22. Queen Sono
  23. Jane the Virgin
  24. Suits
  25. Shooter
  26. Kingdom
  27. The Walking Dead (Before season 10)
  28. Seal Team
  29. SWAT
  30. The Blacklist
  31. Orange is The Ne Black
  32. Ozark(Just started to see it and I love it)
  33. Scorpion
  34. How to get away with murder
  35. How I met Your mother(Just started)
  36. Friends(Just started)
  37. Bull

Some movie recommendations as well:

  1. Titans
  2. John Wick 1st chapter to the 3rdThe Avengers Trilogy (Blank panther )
  3. Toy story (1 to 4)
  4. Harry Potter Trilogy
  5. Joker 2019
  6. Jumanji 1 and 2
  7. Fast and Furious Hobs and Shaw
  8. Shazam!
  9. Bombshell
  10. Spies in disguise
  11. Mission Impossible (trilogy)
  12. Aquaman
  13. Wonder Woman
  14. Dead pool
  15. Game night
  16. Skyscraper
  17. Creed 1 and 2
  18. Crazy Rich Asians
  19. Gentlemen
  20. 1917
  21. Frozen 1 and 2
  22. How to train your dragon (my favorite animation. World-class if you ask me)
  23. Hustlers
  24. Little women
  25. A quiet place
  26. Ant-man (both movies)
  27. Dead pool 1 and 2
  28. Spiderman: Into the spider-verse
  29. Venom
  30. The MEG
  31. Creed 1 and 2
  32. Baby Driver
  33. Atomic Blonde
  34. Girls Trip

Netflix movies:-

  1. The Two Popes
  2. The King
  3. Bright
  4. Always be my maybe
  5. Murder mystery
  6. 6 underground
  7. American son
  8. Bird Box
  9. Bright

If you know me these lists would be endless so, for now, let’s do with these and feel free to recommend other stuff to watch.

Expanding our library:

My favorite part about this social distancing period is that I get to go through all the books I had bought but never got a chance to go through them as I would want. Books are life to me. They give me a chance to be myself and learn. Books create a special calm in me and get me an upper hand when I better my writing skills. Here are some of my favorite books: Hope they help you increase your interest in being a book lover. I feel like it’s my soul purpose on this earth.

  1. The Bible
  2. 48 Laws of Power- Robert Greene
  3. Drunk- Jackson Biko
  4. The Smart Money Woman- Arese Uugwu
  5. Becoming- Michelle Obama
  6. The Alchemist
  7. Women who run with the wolves- Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  8. The kiss Quotient-Helen Hoang
  9. Everything is fucked-Mark Mason
  10. The Subtle Art of Not giving a fuck
  11. Lean in- Sheryl Sandbergs
  12. Nice girls Still don’t get The corner office
  13. You are a badass (How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and start living an awesome e life)-Jen Sincero
  14. Trevor Noah Born crime
  15. How to win friend and influence People- Dale Carnegie
  16. How to stop worrying and start living- Dale Carnegie
  17. The power of positive Thinking- Dr. Norman Vincent
  18. Girls who rocked the world-Michelle Roehm McCann & Amelie Welden
  19. Richard Branson-The Virginway
  20. The Power of a praying woman
  21. The 5 am Club- Robin Sharma
  22. The Monk who sold his Ferrari- Robin Sharma
  23. Life lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari- Robin Sharma
  24. Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill
  25. Things I will Tell my Daughter- Joan Thatiah
  26. I’m too pretty to be broke- Joan Thatiah
  27. The Power Habit-Charles Duhigg
  28. 7 habits of highly effective people- Stephen R. Covey

This is my library so far. I know I’ve said this a bazillion times but books did change my life. Books have helped me open up my mind to other dimensions I didn’t think were possible to access and in all honesty, books make me feel powerful and invincible. Each of them is uniquely different but they definitely add a distinctive touch.

Social media consumption:-

Right now most of the eyeballs are glued on our electronic devices. From my personal experience, I’ve realized that social media can be very damaging to one’s mental health. A good example right now is the kind of cyberbullying that seems to have taken lead on Twitter and Facebook.

The kind of energy these cyberbullying feeds and trends tend to produce is toxic. They end up draining your energy whether you participate in them or just observe.

I’m a strong believer in energy and frequencies. That’s why after being on these social media feeds for a long time consuming what is not right for you, ends up making you feel sick, in a bad mood or just angry for no apparent reason. If you can stay away from these platforms and just take time for yourself to be present, it helps you become more human and less of a robot. These devices tend to take our attention from the people who are right there with us.

But social media is not all that bad. It’s probably why you are here and for that, I’m grateful. 

Right now with all this time on our hands, some people have decided to make social media more fun and interactive by participating in challenges on tick-tock and Instagram. I find these challenges fun for those who participate in them and those who just choose to watch.

Recommendations on routines:

This is a good time to set up new routines. Human beings are used to structure. We wake up, go to work or school work our asses of for eight or more hours and come home to sleep. We usually just consider taking a break on weekends or our off days. But right now that structure doesn’t exist. We are now forced to spend more time with the people we live with which I believe has caused friction but that’s normal. A lot of us are trying to adapt.

It’s okay!!!

Start exercising, start reading, take time to meditate or just go out on your balcony and get to see stuff you’d never notice because you were all so busy. All I ask is that you take care of your mental health. Do what makes you feel good. Cultivate habits that help build strong mental health. Take naps, catch up with friends and family. Don’t let people pressure to do what they think is right. Remember that we’re going through a crisis and if holding on and keeping sane is what you will be able to do then go ahead and do it!!! Do you boo!!

Wash your hands, sanitize and wear a mask when outside

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