Win or Learn

Failure is never the end…it’s just the beginning of something great if you let it be..

The past year for me has taught me a couple of things and the most important one I must say, is the value of failure. Running Marykenyablog and other hustles has taught me to respect failure because of the lessons that come a long with it.

Failure sucks. It shoots us down and  leaves us doubting our abilities and getting past those thoughts and feelings is key. It’s been a hard lesson that I continue to learn everyday but I’m glad I came upon this realization.

…For now, even as I continue on this journey of learning and experimenting, I try to pay attention to my routines and when I don’t get the results I wanted, I take a step back, and then revisit the situation from a different angle.

Working through failure is hard…most times you want to stop, cry and beat yourself up but learning to work through those choked up feelings pays off…I hope it does.

So as Marykenyablog, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to fail…it’s okay to feel insufficient or like a total ass but you know what? It gets better. Learn not to take it too personal…if you have too, take a step back and breath…feel bad if you have to…cry if you have to but don’t forget to pick up your shit and move forward…life isn’t perfect. It will never be, but it’s important to make the best out of it…!!

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