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You know that special feeling you get when you receive that special text from a person you love or someone you are crushing on, it does something to your soul, tummy, hands and feet hehehe.  I think we’ve all been there and let’s just say you have a quirky  physical and emotional reaction when you read that simple text. You feel like a child again, when you find yourself smiling sheepishly at your phone because it brings on this warm fuzzy feeling or calmness that you needed so badly if you were having a bad day.

Well this year I decided to take reading to a whole new level. I was going through this platue stage where nothing was really going on, or everything was going completely sideways. I needed an outlet…I needed to hit the pause button. I was so mentally exhausted to a certain degree, but God was gracious enough to send me an angel in form of a friend who listened to me as I bared my soul. 

At the verge of tears…

…”I want to quit work. The pay is really  bad and I’m not even growing career wise. I just don’t know anymore.” as I tried holding back the tears.

One thing you guys need to know about me, is that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I cry when I’m really happy…when I’m sad, when I’m worried, when I’m watching a good series or movie and commercials too!!! I know it’s wierd and most of my friends think it’s a bit off…but sweet moments and other unexpected moments drive me to tears.

…..Anywho away from my mushene my buddy didn’t even advice me or try to console me he just looked at me and said,

“Huh!!” This dude has no heart…! I mean how could he? But after a long awkward  pause, he went on to say, 

“Have you read the book; 7 habits?”

“No I haven’t I don’t even read let’s just  lead with that, but how is this related to what I just told you?”

“Well whatever you are going through I’m sure Steve Covey will help you out of it.”

The day after, he brought me his copy and damn..!I couldn’t stop reading. I went on and on! and on! I didn’t even want to work that day, I was just glued to the book. It felt as if I was not really living before this, I was just existing. Steve Covey somewhat   opened my eyes and broadened my mindset. I made a point of saving up to buy the book; although at that particular time, my finances were crappie, I sacrificed the little money I had and finally I owned a copy.

Books for me have changed my life…they’ve  helped me create a better mental picture.My mindset has changed and the world isn’t based on just my daily routine. Books introduced  a whole new set of paradigms  that I had ignored for such a long time…they helped me escape, given me good ideas on new writing skills for my different pieces and have taught me something new every time I move on to different literature.

Apart from what I had mentioned before, certain books have drawn me closer to my spiritual element, helped me understand people and how to deal with them both at work, socially and in my personal life and lastly they have showed me how to deal with different situations and stages in life…to me the world is full of more color than before…I treat my experiences both the good and the bad differently now that I know they serve a purpose in my life.

Reading  is also the best kind of exercise for your brain. You get to open up the  right side of your mind which is based on your creativity. You stay woke; you stay informed…and to say the truth it has filled me with some kind of pride when I whip out my book in a matatu and everyone just stares at you like an alien…you stand out..!!
I love reading positive posts on social media  they make me feel good when I’m a bit of a debbie downer…I feel a little wiser and they help put two and two together.

So my advice to you my amazing audience is read. Read even if it’s one page a day…trust me when I say it’s not easy especially when one is surrounded by endless distractions like phones movies/series; P.s those two are my greatest weaknesses..but little by little I’ve been able to focus on my books.I’m not there yet but I trust that one day I’ll be a sage …so try reading therapy today and tell me howit goes…

Some of the books I’ve read:
7 habits
Power of a praying woman
Courage and confidence
Power of positive thinking
The Alchemist
48 laws of power
Who moved my cheese
Girl code

Any other reccos? Please comment below or on my social handles.




  1. MaryKenya

    Stephen Yaa

    Lovely…a good article indeed.

  2. MaryKenya

    Bm Junior

    Nice Piece.
    Books are my thing too.I do wake up at five to inspire my mind.

  3. MaryKenya

    John Maluki

    The Alchemist nice now i smile…. This is an amazing piece. I love.

  4. Great piece. Books are where I go to for adventure and inspiration.

  5. What i remember from THINK BIG by Ben Carson is the ‘B’ is about books and this is what he says which affirms that nice piece:
    I strongly fear for today’s society, because they they have come to depend on Google and YouTube as their main sources of knowledge. In a society that is becoming more and more dependent on technology, reading is becoming obsolete. Books are the key to exercising your brain, and becoming the big thinker you are meant to be.

  6. MaryKenya

    Rose Wanjy

    Amazing piece.. Congratulations, feeling proud of you

  7. I’ve read this twice. Books really do take you to another world when you want to escape this one mentally (just for a while) . Awesome piece Mary.

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